We wager for one reason and one reason only. No matter if it is $1 Dollar against your friend or $1,000 Dollars against your book, we wager to make money. Wagering for any other reason simply put is just a waste of your time and money.

Every investment is designed to maximize the return. Every dollar put into your investment is the risk and every win helps bolster our ROI (return on investment). Similar to the world of investment banking and trading, the most successful bettors go on to develop systems and programs that help clients minimize risk and maximize returns on sports investments. The same process we use to identify the best betting opportunities can be applied to help grow the wealth of our clientele.

The most successful investors are the ones who use their knowledge and expertise to analyze information and statistics to formulate outcomes. Using this, we maximize our returns day in and day out. For those who simply can not, then finding the right handicapper who can give you the greatest returns then allows you to become a successful investor.

Finding the most successful handicappers who use a analytical approach, similar to those on Wall St. is exactly why Sharp Money Moves has quickly become one of the most famous and feared (by sportsbooks around the world) syndicates in the world of Sports Investing.

Sharp Money Moves takes a systematic approach to each and every single game. We have transformed the handicapping industry from a bunch of guys who just watch sports to a full fledged investment firm that would rival the greats of Wall St. We identify the weaknesses in the lines and expose them for what they are...Huge Potential Returns on your Investments. In an industry where 55% is considered a successful year, Sharp Money Moves is breaking the ceiling when it comes to those expectations. We raise the bar, so you can raise your profits.

Sharp Money Moves has built the team by hiring professionals at the top of their fields such as statistics, computer science, mathematics, or physics. The type of people who aren’t fans of the teams or leagues but can analyze data sets so our handicappers can make decisions that will help improve the wealth of our clients

Finding value, minimizing risks, and maximizing returns through research is what we do for our clients. We understand people work hard for their money and they’re serious about increasing their wealth through investing, and not through fandom or luck.

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