I have used SharpMoneyMoves.com since they launched a website back in February '17. They have produced winning results at fair prices. I look forward to the emails with their promotions. I generally follow their Featured Play when they have one. Keep up the great work!

Joe, Houston, TX

Unmatched Customer Service. If I ever have any issue they are quick with a response and resolve any issues I may have. My favorite part is how they always are going above and beyond to make sure I am completely satisfied with my purchases. It is what keeps me coming back day after day.

Mark, Long Island, NY

I've been with these guys before they even were a site. I used to be a member of Michael Rocco's client list when they use to only have a phone service. Mike has always been a straight shooter and has helped me build up my bankroll. Honestly the best service I have ever used.

James, Miami, FL

I felt I should share this story. I purchased a 7 Day package from Frank a while back. Now he is no longer with this site but in that 7 days he went 3-5. I was disappointed but understood that losses can happen. What happened next is what really showed me the difference. The CEO Tommy personally wrote me an email apologizing for the poor performance. He didn't hide the fact Frank had a losing week but also explained they will happen. To make up for it he gave me the option to pick any handicapper and he gave me their service for a week FREE. He wanted me to have a winning week before I spent another penny. Needless to say months later and I am still with them making money. Just the fact that Tommy wrote me personally, and took the time out to resolve my issues made me realize they were different. So if your tired of being burned from other services who don't give a sh*t about you just your money, Trust me give them a chance you will not be disappointed.

Eddie, San Diego, CA

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